Andreas Gefeller

046, Clouds, 2019

Inkjet print


64 x 80 cm
Signed, titled, numbered and dated on artist's certificate
Edition of 8

Only 2 Available

“Biblical motifs or evidence of man-made global warming? The Clouds series is both: a document of human creativity and relentless exploitation” (Gefeller).

Beautiful and threatening at the same time, German photographer Andreas Gefeller presents a dramatic series of clouds in his new portfolio. These formations are in fact condensed steam coming out of the cooling tower of a coal plant, which the artist has decontextualised and manipulated in his typical style that blends documentation and construction. However this is a clear break from Gefeller’s usual technique of combining hundreds of shots into one final picture. In these images he has recorded a quick, transient phenomenon in one single shot – a form that only exists for a second. At once material and transparent, Clouds are a perfect synthesis of Gefeller’s quest for visualisation of the invisible and manipulation of perception. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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