Gerry Badger

Another Country – British Documentary Photography Since 1945

Hardback book


29.5 x 24.5 cm
320 pages
Published 19 May 2022 by Thames and Hudson

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Another Country offers a lively, vital rethinking of British documentary photography over the last seven decades. This collection includes a diverse range of photographers working in an exciting array of photographic and artistic modes, encompassing images from iconic reportage to photo-text pieces, from self-portraits to political photo-collages. Bringing together more than 250 images by more than 160 photographers, an expansive history of British documentary photography by renowned photo critic Gerry Badger

Content: Introduction • 1. The End of Empire: the Second World War and After • 2. Photographic Revival: the Swinging Sixties • 3. Politics and Photography: Documentary and Beyond • 4. Going Global: A Colour Revolution • 5. New Millennium: Photography and Digital Culture

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