Syd Shelton

Syd Shelton, Café Royal bundle of 3

Bundle of 3 soft back books


36 pages
Printed in England
Staple bound
14cm x 20cm

Only 1 Available

Bundle of three books by Café Royal of Syd Shelton’s photographs. This group of 3 books is sold for £18 instead of £19.5

Syd Shelton – The Battle of Lewisham, 13th of August 1977
A collection of poignant photographs taken by Shelton during the 1977 Battle of Lewisham. An important historical moment in the fight for civil rights and for the anti-racist movements in the UK.

Syd Shelton – Crowds, 1977 – 1981
What is presented here in this book, are Shelton’s authoritative visual statements as participant-photographer on the social tempo in Britain at this time and the activist potency of Rock Against Racism. There are many versions of what RAR was and its legacy. Syd Shelton provides an auto/historical telling of that historical moment.

Syd Shelton – Street Portraits
These portraits are a sort of ongoing conversation with people in the theatre of the street. “My approach, in some ways, has more in common with the studio photographer, and as I have returned many times to the same location, somewhere like Hare Row in Hackney, which I even called ‘my studio’.”



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