Inherit the Dust, 2016

Hardback book


38 x 33 cm

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Since 2001, fine art photographer Nick Brandt has been documenting the vanishing natural world and animals of East Africa through his haunting, majestic portraits. For ‘Inherit the Dust’, Brandt returned to East Africa to photograph the escalating devastation to the continent’s natural world. In this new series of epic panoramas, Brandt records the impact of man in places where animals used to roam, but no longer do. In each location, Brandt erects a life size panel of one of his animal portrait photographs, setting the panels within a world of explosive urban development, factories, wasteland and quarries. The people in the photographs go about their daily lives, oblivious to the presence of the panels and the animals within them, who are effectively now no more than ghosts in the landscape. Brand new book, published by Edwynn Houk Editions.

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