Gered Mankowitz

Moody Buttons, Primrose Hill, 1966

C-type print


16 x 20 inches
Edition of 50
Signed, numbered and dated on label

Only 3 Available

Gered Mankowitz is an English photographer best known for his photographs of major musicians and bands. He has worked with a range of artists from The Rolling Stones to Jimi Hendrix, Marianne Faithfull to Kate Bush, Suzi Quatro to Annie Lennox and many more! ⁠

This series of photographs, were taken during a shoot in Primrose Hill in London in 1966. These photographs were taken on a very early morning in November after an all-nighter recording their album “Between the Buttons”. Mankowitz had made a home-made filter of glass, black card and vaseline which gave a cloudy, blurry and strange feeling to the photographs. Mankowitz only shot few rolls in only about 40 minutes!

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