Over, 2017

Softback book


23.5 x 31 cm

In stock

Kacper Kowalski embraces flight as part of his photographic practice. Originally trained as an architect, Kowalski developed a passion for paragliding which he describes as bordering on addiction. His series OVER is a speculative exploration of the erasure of humans from the landscape. The day after a heavy snow fall, Kowalski captures aerial images before the fresh snow has been disturbed. The resulting works offer intriguing glimpses of partially erased landscapes. Within their white expanse, visual clues of human activity – agricultural structures, helipads, railways – are partially visible, though not immediately recognisable. The images, in their simplicity, invite contemplation on mankind’s impact on the environment, as well as being a meditation on loneliness, and perhaps the ultimate fragility of human existence. New book, from a limited edition of 800.

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