Nick Brandt

The Day May Break + ‘Richard and Sky’

Book and print set


This signed book comes with the a limited edition print of 'Richard and Sky, 2021'
Print size: 22 x 29.5 cm
Book size: 32 x 34 cm
Edition of 50
Ed. Nadine Barth, text(s) by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, Nick Brandt, Percival Everett

Only 3 Available

Photographed in Zimbabwe and Kenya in late 2020, it’s the first part of a global series portraying people and animals that have been impacted by environmental degradation and destruction. The people in the photos were all affected by climate change, displaced by cyclones and years-long droughts. Photographed at five sanctuaries, the animals were rescues that can never be re-wilded. As a result, it was safe for human strangers to be close to them, photographed so close to them, within the same frame. The fog on location is the unifying visual, as we increasingly find ourselves in a kind of limbo, a once-recognisable world now fading from view. However, in spite of their loss, these people and animals are the survivors. And therein lies possibility and hope. For the very first time, the people and animals are photographed together in the same frame.

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