Through Darkness & Light, 1946-1954

Portfolio of photogravure prints


5 hand-pulled dust-grain prints
Signed by Kevin Smith
Print sizes: 51 x 40.6 cm
Edition of 150

This portfolio includes five hand-pulled dust-grain photogravures of Eugene W. Smith’s most memorable images. The strength of Smith’s legendary photographic essays is founded on the dramatic power contained within his single images—each frame a masterpiece of expressive composition and lighting. In the tradition of our classic hand-pulled dust-grain photogravure portfolios from Paul Strand and Alfred Stieglitz, we offer the opportunity to experience first-hand the genius of W. Eugene Smith’s images. Smith’s unsurpassed ability to distil truth and compassion into a single photograph is evident in each of the images featured in this portfolio. Printed by master photogravure printer Jon Goodman, this portfolio is sold in a cloth-covered clamshell case featuring text, letter pressed by hand, written and signed by Kevin Smith, son of the late photographer. A limited edition of 150 copies, produced by Aperture. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this item to be shipped.

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