Trent Parke

Adelaide, ‘The Crimson Line’, Australia, 2019

Magnum Editions Poster (Signed)


Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered on label
18 x 24 in (45.7 x 61 cm)
Poster only

Only 2 Available

An ongoing project made possible by Trent Parke’s new daily routine in the wake of lockdown, “The Crimson Line” is a meditation on the adverse effects of industry and climate change through an exploration of the colours found in the sky during the first and last minutes of sunlight each day. Shot in the industrial landscape surrounding the beachside suburb in Adelaide that is Parke’s home, his camera is often trained on the plumes of steam emanating from factory chimneys. Bathed in the intense reds and pinks of the early sun, they appear ominous and alien. Speaking of how the project took form practically, Parke says: “I was up before dawn… shot for the [first] 10 minutes of light, then back to take [the] kids to school. That was it. Every day for six months during winter.” Please note that this price is for the poster only. The Magnum Editions label will ship with your order but will not be attached to the poster. Please allow 1 – 3 weeks for shipping.

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