Niko Luoma

Trieste II, 2016

Hand-coloured gelatin silver print


Unique and vintage
Hand coloured gelatin silver print with acrylic paint
Signed by artist on label
Image size: 23.8 x 17.8 cm
Frame size: 27.5 x 21.25 x 2.75 cm

Only 1 Available

Niko Luoma produces some of the most unusual work in contemporary Finnish photography. His fascinating, abstract compositions are not digitally processed, but purely analogue, created through multiple exposures. Luoma’s theme and material is light, and as far as form is concerned, he is interested in process, repetition, and the serial. Inspired by mathematics and geometry, Luoma uses traces of light to create overwhelmingly charismatic images.

This print is from the series ‘Trieste’. When browsing through a flea market in Trieste, North Italy, Luoma found a group of vintage pin-up girls. He intervened directly on the works by hand-colouring the gelatin silver prints and incorporating golden shapes. It appears as both a shape of light that echos his photographic works, but also the gaze of the models made tangible while subverting the dynamic with the viewer. This unique print is framed (floating in a black box).

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