Untitled Envelope III

Unique Envelope


Ink-jet print and and ballpoint pen on paper envelope
Signed on verso
8.6 x 6.2 inches

Only 1 Available

Richard Caldicott is a British  multidisciplinary artist based in London. He is best know for this photographs of abstract compositions of colours and geometric forms. The visual elegance in Caldicott’ early works (Objects, Tupperware and Constructions) is carried throughout his practice, culminating in his most minimalistic series: Tape Drawings. Even his most sparse and minimal works have an architectural quality, playing with a highly calculated use of space, they are  partitioned, divided and sliced. We have a large selection of works by Caldicott ranging from his early Object and Tupperware series to his work on Envelopes and Tape Drawings. Get in touch if you want a full catalogue of his work. This is a beautiful and unique work of art, get in touch if you want to have it framed.

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