Andreas Gefeller

Kiev, 1996 (HWZ 016)



Image size: 28 x 36.2 inches (71 x 92 cm)
Paper size: 35.4 x 43.3 inches (90 x 110 cm)
Edition of 5

In stock

Using the camera as a tool of both truth and deception, German photographer Andreas Gefeller produces images of urban and manmade spaces that challenge the boundaries of everyday perception. His interest in illuminating things we tend not to see, even when they are in front of our eyes, has been a recurring theme throughout his work. His series have grown increasingly abstract. Among his earliest and most straightforward is “Halbwertszeiten (Half-life)” (1996). For this series, Gefeller took photographs of deserted homes and streets after the Chernobyl disaster, giving photographic form to the radioactive energy we cannot see, but know is present. This photograph is sold as print only. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for delivery. More works are available by Andreas Gefeller, to see a wider selection please get in touch.

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